My Not So Perfect Life

My Not So Perfect Life

A Novel

Large Print - 2017
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Sep 01, 2018

Katie desperately wants to make it in the world of marketing in London. She reinvents herself, hiding all traces of her West Country life and accent. Her boss, Demeter, is brilliant but comes off as uncaring. When Katie is laid off, she gives in to her father and step-mother's pleas to help them start up a glamping business on the family farm. Katie does an outstanding job with the marketing and business plan and the business takes off. When Demeter turns up as one of the guests, Katie learns that Demeter's life is not as perfect as she had imagined it to be. Furthermore, Demeter is about to be fired. Katie delves into the situation and finds out that Demeter's supposed job mistakes were set up by a trio of office workers who didn't like her. All is rectified and Katie ends up getting hired back, this time as a creative director. A romance between young partner Alex and Katie spices up the plot, and the tension between Katie and her dad is resolved in a subplot. Katie learns to be true to her own self and her not-so-perfect life, instead of pretending that she leads a glamorous city life. Typical Kinsella fun. The dad in this book takes on Shopaholic's personality. A good escape read.

Jun 21, 2018

I really enjoyed this novel. It hooked me in right away: nice storyline, interesting characters, and a nice pace. I finished it in a week. Highly recommend if you’re in for some light reading.

May 26, 2018

A nice story by Sophie Kinsella and funny too!

Mar 31, 2018

Sophie Kinsella is a go-to author when I need a fun, lighthearted read and My Not So Perfect Life doesn't disappoint.

Feb 20, 2018

What is the perfect life in your heart, ask yourself, and try to make it happen.

Jan 31, 2018

LOVED the part where she is dragging her boss around the resort doing the most ridiculous
of yoga/meditation poses, and SPA rituals. We have all had a boss we have wanted to get back at in the same way!!!! Laugh-out loud hilarious!!!

JessicaGma Jan 16, 2018

This was a fun read. I liked Katie as she was really trying to fit into the London Life, but sometimes, you can't force a thing. The Instagram spin on the perfect life was quite brilliant, and the office cabal....well, suffice it to say, there's some good bits in here. Always a good reminder that life is more complicated than the perfect Instagram/facebook images you see.

Dec 15, 2017

Not one of my favourite but I enjoyed reading this book. Find it a bit dragging towards the middle but I like the whole “Not so perfect Life” idea.

Oct 25, 2017

Very Enjoyable! Kinsella is back in great form with this new book: fast paced and engaging plot, likeable main character and great wrap-up.

Sep 04, 2017

I love reading Sophie Kinsella novels and I was excited to read this one. I enjoyed this book, it was an easy read. It is not one of my favourites of Kinsella; I felt the middle of the story dragged on a bit, but I liked the characters, especially Katie, who is very relatable and it had that classic Kinsella humor which I love. It was predictable, but that is OK, I like happy endings.

Aug 03, 2017

TERRIFIC !!! Best book I have read in years. After the first 50 pages it is so fast paced you don't want to put it down. It is humorous with several down right belly laughs. New situations are always popping up with wonderful life lessons and feel good moments. I am going to buy this book so I can read it over again when I need a little happy pick me up.

Jul 08, 2017

It took me a while to get into this book, but once I did I read the last 350 pages in 1 day! I couldn't put this book down and that hasn't happened to me in a really long time!

Jul 06, 2017

Excellent, easy summer read! I loved this book- enjoyed the story and only a few characters so it was easy to follow.

Jul 04, 2017

Predictable and the story line was plucked form The Devil Wears Prada. May I address all the new authors, from Gilian Flynn to Sophie Kinsella and everyone in between. It has become increasingly tiresome to have the F word inserted on nearly every page. It is gratuitous and offensive to many Each feels compelled to insert this expletive, as if they were in competition. These authors diminish their talents and dilute their stories.

Jun 14, 2017

Did not enjoy the book, and was very disappointed knowing there was such a huge interest in it. I typically enjoy English writers for their wry, witty humour but I simply couldn't keep reading a story where the entire life of the main character is based on lies. She invented a magical life in London and continually lied to her family about it. I kept hoping she would come clean and straighten out several misconceptions that were strewn along - but even when caught and facing ruin there was no moral fibre to the main character and she only made it worse. It reminded me of an old Benny Hill show with ridiculous stunts and nonsense . I put the book down half way in disgust, then tried again the next day and flipped to the last few chapters hoping against hope it got better. It didn't.

Jun 05, 2017

Light, fluffy, entertaining, and 100% predictable.

May 31, 2017

Entertaining story that moves along, very engaging. Interesting new character who actually reminds me a lot of the shopaholic series! Good insight about the culture of social media and the tendency that anyone may have to make their life seem better than it really is, and how that masks problems that anyone has. A touch of romance thrown in for good measure.

May 28, 2017

Truly enjoyable read. Had me laughing out loud in many places and rooting for Katie and Demeter in others.

Chapel_Hill_MarthaW May 21, 2017

This was s-l-o-o-o-w at the beginning; I spent the first 150 pages or so wondering when, precisely, Kinsella would figure out what she was doing with this character and setup. The second half of the book, however, is a vast improvement – lots of the themes from the first half come together very nicely (and there was some good food for thought – more than you’d expect from a Sophie Kinsella book, at least), and I found myself really invested in the outcome. The beginning of the book was a perfect example of my problem with many Sophie Kinsella books – the fact that her characters sometimes behave in ways so deranged that I can’t even remotely identify with them – but this completely ceased in the second half, and my enjoyment of the book vastly increased as a result. Nothing too heavy here, but lots of frothy fun, with just enough substance to leave you thinking.

May 11, 2017

Loved this book! Silly, fun and a quick read. I also liked the underlining message that people's lives may not be what they let others believe or what they portray on social media.

May 08, 2017

I really enjoyed this book and I think it's quite relatable. Katie grows up in the countryside and only wants to move to the big city of London and have a fabulous career, like her boss, Demeter. It's a bit cliche, but she soon finds out the city isn't all she thought it was and her work kind of sucks. The only great part of her work is meeting Alex who is charming and funny and exciting. I really liked the Katie and Alex parts - their conversation was great. But the best part of the book for me was when she goes back to the farm in Somerset and then her boss Demeter comes there, and she tries to get payback for being fired. It's pretty hilarious. And then it gets a lot deeper and she realizes Demeter's life isn't great, after all. I liked the relationship between Katie and Demeter. It felt pretty real. Also, the ending was great. I find Sophie Kinsella's books hit and miss, and this was definitely a hit. Recommended if you like chick lit, especially when it takes place in England. There was a bit of swearing (f words) and some sexual content, which I thought was pretty unnecessary.

VaughanPLDonnalee May 07, 2017

Sophie Kinsella is back! She has long been a favourite writer of mine, but her last 4 books or so have been a bit disappointing. "My Not So Perfect Life" is one of Kinsella's best. It was sweet, funny, charming, and to quote Demeter herself, "authentic". I enjoyed both parts of the story, the London section and the Somerset section. This one didn't really make me laugh out loud, but I couldn't put it down. It was a very fun, pleasant, breezy read. A perfect vacation book!

May 01, 2017

Loved Loved Loved this book. from the very first chapter I knew I would enjoy it and I did!
Easy read and enjoyable. Loved the characters.

Apr 22, 2017

I am such a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella. I love how she always makes the characters normal and doesn't make them "talk" like they just ate a thesaurus for breakfast.

BostonPL_LauraB Apr 20, 2017

I love me some Sophie Kinsella stand-alones! They are always such fun and I speed right through them.

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