Killing Floor

Killing Floor

Book - 2008
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Oct 19, 2020

This was a fast paced story.
One you know that the hero is never going to lose. This is my first Jack Reacher book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will read another for sure. A solid 4.0/5

Aug 26, 2020

Don't remember where I first heard of Jack Reacher. Haven't seen the films. The physical copy was small and unassuming, but the font was also pretty small. It became a bit of a slog. The set up reminds me of Rambo. The most exciting scene was a fight that happens in the first few chapters. I do appreciate the fact that most, if not all, details were interconnected somehow. Though it also makes things super convenient.

The title confused me, but that may refer to the "Blind Blake" singer Reacher goes to Margrave for.

Aug 13, 2020

(Jack Reacher, #1)

Aug 06, 2020

This was the first Jack Reacher book published.
However, it is not chronologically the first story in the life of Jack Reacher.
I suggest first reading these short stories in this order: Second Son, High Heat, Deep Down, Small Wars. They can be found in the 12 story collection titled "No Middle Name".
Then read: The Enemy, Night School, The Affair before reading Killing Floor.
Typical Reacher book; mayhem, murder, mix-ups, retribution, resolution, renewed roaming.
I did enjoy Lee Child's introduction which explains why and how he started writing the series.

Dec 02, 2019

Reacher series #1

IndyPL_RobinK Nov 07, 2019

The first of the Jack Reacher series does not disappoint. Tom Cruise is so miscast based on the introduction by the author describing Reacher as 6' 5", 250 pounds, quiet and intimidating. This guy uses any means necessary to get to the truth and his form of justice. In this case, he is arrested upon walking into a small town and is accused of murder. His only goal is to prove his innocence and move on--until he finds out who the victim is. Then it's game on!

Nov 10, 2018

Book #9 chronologically after The Affair (2011) and before Die Trying (1998):

Nov 05, 2018

Very good book but I thought it lost focus at the end. The ending definitely doesn't match the level of tension in the rest of the book. It slows down considerably and then just kind of quits. Maybe, after the book was finished, someone decided the ending needed to be changed so it could be turned into a series?

Sep 18, 2017

This had been recommended to me and heck, we know it's popular, but it wasn't my area, y'know? Crime thriller? Not really me. And then there's Tom Cruise, who inadvertently ruined it for readers everywhere by playing Reacher in the movie version. Sorry Tom, you were great in Top Gun.
So I gave it a go and wow - I will admit it took me the first third of the book to NOT picture Tom Cruise <cringe!>, but gradually build a picture of my Jack Reacher. But despite that, it was totally gripping right from the start. (The plot started out similar to the first Rambo movie.) I got a view into things I'd never thought to think about, like army life, and the kind of skills that life taught you. And I got to mooch through America for a while - I like their diners and they seem to do good coffee. :)
So this book - waaaay better than expected. I am completely addicted now, and will be following the adventures of Reacher through as many next books as can hold me, so far that makes three, and still loving every page.

Sep 03, 2017

Great intro to a series
The plot is relatively confused to start. Jack Reacher is a drifter who gets picked up by the police in a small town as a suspected murderer. He knows he didn't do it, so he is fairly cooperative with the lead detective. But when it starts to appear that some of the other people don't particularly care if he did it, he is a little annoyed that their laziness is going to cost him a weekend in jail with someone else who confessed to the crime. Jack starts to draw on his past skills as an MP in the army to help out the investigation, and then it starts to get personal.
From the word go, Jack Reacher is a solid character. He comes with a lot of history and no baggage, which I understand is how the rest of the series unfolds as well. The characters read a little more stream-lined than perhaps a Robert B. Parker novel, without as much soul-searching, and the action keeps going.
There is a major "coincidence" in the novel, and I really hate novels that hang on coincidence as a major plot device to move the story along. Happenstance is one thing, such as Jack being in the town and subject to being suspected. But when it turns out that Jack knew one of the victims, in a town where he doesn't know anyone, and there's no reason for either of them to be there, it's a bit of a stretch.
I received no compensation, not even a free copy, in exchange for this review. I am not personal friends with the author, nor do I follow him on social media.

Jul 23, 2017

I have read every Jack Reacher book and watched both movies. How can anyone not love this guy? Great read and highly recommended for his fans. Not for everyone but Reacher fans will love it. Some people didn't like Tom Cruise in the movie role, but apart from the physical size discrepancy, I loved them both.

PimaLib_IngridT Aug 05, 2016

I really like Jack Reacher. He's a great guy. This book was fun to read. I looked forward to picking it up and reading where I left off. I read this book because of an interview on NPR with Lee Child for his #21 latest Jack Reacher book- Night School. A second jack Reacher movie is also slated to come out soon with Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.

Jul 12, 2016

Great book but the ending was unexpected.

May 30, 2016

Awesome book. Didn't want to put down as soon as I started reading.

Feb 23, 2016

Fast paced and fun however I found it hard to "care" about the main character in this novel. No real traits that connect me to Reacher enough to care how his heroic tale turns out. Good ending but don't think I'll read another Reacher book for awhile.

Nov 07, 2015

Loved it! the pace and plot will keep anyone on the edge of their seats. One of those books you cannot put down.

LRS1969 Nov 04, 2015

I have yet to meet a Jack Reacher novel that I didn't love. (Heck, I even enjoyed the Jack Reacher movie - despite the horrible casting of Tom Cruise as Jack... a major part of Jack's persona is his SIZE!)

I have read the main series twice now (currently on third round) and realized that I had never Reviewed these, so determined to do so during this reading of the series.

I find an interesting element in my readings that I seem to subconsciously have minor (usually minor) technical type errors pop out at me. I am amazed that the author (who clearly does a lot of research) does as good a job as he does in this subject when he was never in the military much less the U. S. Army or the MPs.

(I think that was because I had experience in both the military and law enforcement, so those things popped out at me - other things were just in other areas of personal interest)

A good start to an interesting character. This is one of those books where it does so much better in a "series format" as the character development is (to varying degrees) ongoing to a fair degree.

And it's a good combination of action, mystery, and drama.

In any case, I would highly recommend the reading of this book (and also primarily in the series order... some books in the series can be good "stand alone" ones, but not as well as in the series setting - very much like the Richard Sharpe series).

Oct 10, 2015

Yet another book and series I really wanted to like and get into but could not. I found it to be rather shallow and pedantic. Jack Reacher is totally unconvincing to me as a human being. His affect is flatter than Forrest Gump when he met JFK. And this "love" interest with Roscoe? I was more interested in the day to day happenings of Mark Watney in the Martian and that piece made me want to be a misanthrope on general principle alone. I think I will stick to Ian Fleming in the future where at least I can find a little depth.

Oct 07, 2015

Satisfying read. Jack Reacher is a great character to get to know and Lee Child makes it worth your while. For a tough guy, Reacher has a refreshingly laid back demeanor. He's smart, introspective, and complex. Lee Child builds warm relationships between Reacher and female interests. One word of caution: Lee Child has a grisly side that shows itself in the crime scenes he creates.

Apr 23, 2014

Was disappointed in this book. Instead of suspenseful thriller the narrative a little pendantic, explaining every sucession of events and crime events. The reason they gave that Jack Reacher was at the same small town as his brother was - I think - written in conveniently. Not a well written novel - too much of the possessive use of "I". Not a crime thriller I would recommend.

Nov 12, 2013

I am a Hot-Blooded Fan of Lee Child and his Jack Reacher novels. The Killing Floor had wide acclaim, so of course I read it, but this one is told in the first person. and I'm a fan of Third Person storytelling.. so I wasn't as enthralled with this particular one. However, it's a great jump and Lee Child's first novel in the Jack Reacher series. So I still recommend it to fans of this genre of mystery, action tales.

Cdnbookworm Jul 12, 2013

I love the Jack Reacher novels, but missed a few at the beginning, so going back now and catching those ones. This is the very first in the series. On a whim, Reacher decides to get off a bus on the highway near Margrave, Georgia. His brother had mentioned a long-dead jazz musician, Blind Blake, who had supposedly died in Margrave, and Reacher decided to see if there were any old folks who had known the man. It takes him few hours to walk towards the town and he stops on the outskirts to eat in a cafe. Before he can finish his breakfast, he is arrested for murder. As he tries to figure out what is going on and why the finger was pointed at him, he finds himself in a town with a secret, a secret some will go to any lengths to keep. A prominent family has build a facility there recently and offered a number of grants to the townspeople, but it isn't clear how they are profitable. A local man with a history in the banking industry seems to be tied to the intrigue, but he is afraid to talk to Reacher, even after Reacher saves his life in prison. The chief of detectives, a man relatively new to town, Finlay, believes in Reacher, and asks for his assistance. Without knowing who to trust, a small group of people chip away at the facade, looking for the truth. When Reacher discovers a personal connection to the case, he is on the case to the end.
A great beginning to the series, with lots of nice twists and turns, a bit of a romance with a local police officer, and a compelling story. I especially liked the tie-in to the musician; that seemed to draw everything to a close nicely.

May 04, 2013

First book of the Jack Reacher series. Very good. Not for children. Besides the violent way Jack settles "problems", he also has a mature relationship with a local cop. I read this because of the Tom Cruise movie, and while Tom doesn't match Lee's description of Jack Reacher,(6'5"- 250 lb. w/ blonde hair) he did have the right mindset. Jack solves and avenges his brother's murder.

Apr 22, 2013

Super debut of the Jack Reacher, No. 1 that is action packed with technical details on cash and counterfeiters. Also a bit of information on Reacher' s older brother Joe who resurrected in a latter sequel. Again, some of the events were a bit too lucky too often for the good guys, but that's the signature of Jack Reacher rambling adventures. (Available in eBook as well.)

vjkalnf Apr 15, 2013

Really good. Kept my attention throughout the whole book.

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