SUMMARY: Everyone is happy on the farm--animals and children alike--until the children have to go back to school. The animals are sad and bored so they go into town to find something to do. They see a library where people look happy. Horse tries first to go in and ask for something to do, but the librarian does not understand him. One after another the animals try to speak to the librarian without success. Finally, the hen, determined to be heard, says her piece. The librarian believes the hen has said, "book" and gives her books to read. They go back to the farm and enjoy the books.

ILLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations were created in watercolor. It is a rough style with blurred details and very heavy and deep colors.

THE GOOD: This is a cute story about very determined animals trying to get library books. It also contains humor including a hen saying, "bock," but mistaken for "book" and a frog saying about the book, "I already read it, read it, read it..." Kids will enjoy the animal's silly antics.

AGE RECOMMENDATION: Advertized for ages 4-8

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