Amazing book. As a mom, I found myself relating and laughing a lot. Jackson is such a good writer, although I've only read a few of her short stories before this. This book is also written with multiple short stories, but they flow well and are all connected. There are tiny glimpses throughout of what she normally writes about, but overall it's just funny and real.

It's so interesting how much some things have changed since the 40s and 50s when it comes to parenting, but how kids are just the same.

My favourite part was when she's about to have her third child. Expecting my third, this really stuck with me. She goes off in a taxi, since she can't drive and her husband is staying at home with the kids, with her suitcase packed for a 10-day stay, smoking cigarettes on the way there. Everyone tells her the third is the easiest, same as today. Then when she's going through labour, nothing has changed. She writes it in such a comedic way, about her husband, and the doctor, and the nurses. "Well, really, you're only having a baby!"

Recommended for anyone who is a parent.

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