This complete, short stories collection of Truman Capote's work contains twenty tales of fiction in all (from the years between 1943 to 1982).

Many of Capote's stories were semi-autobiographical in nature. Capote had a knack for skilfully mixing fact with fiction as he carefully recounted his childhood memories, growing up as a lonely, and decidedly troubled boy in New Orleans.

(*Truman Trivia Time*) - Born in 1924, Truman Capote (though poorly educated) showed an intense interest in writing from the early age of 11.

Throughout all of his adult life, Truman (who was very effeminate both in his speech and in his mannerisms) was openly gay and very promiscuous.

In 1984, Truman Capote died, at the age of 59, of liver cancer, which had been brought on by both chronic drug and alcohol abuse over many years.

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