The good news is that the book is set at an interesting time--the turn of the 20th century. The mixture of old and new technology creates interesting situations for a chase mystery. More books should be set here as characters cannot rely on technology to get them out of jams.

The bad news is that it is written by Clive Cussler. Thus we get his affinity for gadgets, and his endless (and needless) description of every place, person, mechanical process and item to cover up the lack of character development, horribly wooden dialogue and turgid prose.

The plot is unbelievable and there is an entire chapter devoted to the characters driving from San Francisco to LA. The entire chapter focuses on the mechanics of driving. They get a flat tire. They fix it. They get another flat. They also fix that one. A bridge is out. They drive fast. They drive slow. The driver is exhausted by the end. But not so exhausted he can't drive on to San Deigo in the next chapter.

Seriously, does Cussler not have an editor? This is a vomitously bad book--don't waste your time unless you were 14 years old in 1950 and your sense of "good read" was cryogenically frozen at that point.

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