Order to Kill
Order to Kill A Mitch Rapp Novel By Mills, Kyle, 1966- Large Print - 2016

I had high hopes of the continuance of the Mitch Rapp series of thrillers. The late Vince Flynn's stand-in, Kyle Mills, had a hard precedent to follow. Sadly, I'm of the opinion that the two books by Mr Mills do not quite make the grade. There is something or somethings missing. Kyle's use of generalizations to sway the reader's thoughts were not Flynn's style and also his Rapp character is missing something of Flynn's ruthless Rapp characterization. The original Rapp does not dither nor guess. He also is extremely aware of his situation and the furtive motives of the individual's that move the diplomatic and political chess pieces.

Sadly, in Mr Mills' character, this aspect is woefully missing. The reader of Flynn's works knew to expect the unexpected from Mitch Rapp and the reader was prepared to be surprised by his incredible resourcefulness.

True, Flynn must be a hard act to follow. His books are 'edge of the seat' reads. Not quite believable, but readers loved the stories for that bit of magic. Kyle's books are a good enough read, but sadly, they do not measure up the the master.

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